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‘Geek-Girl #0’ Review


Geek Girl 0Popular girl Ruby Kaye wins a pair of super-power granting glasses in a game of strip poker and becomes the superhero known as Geek-Girl, but there’s a cost to super strength and flight, super klutziness! “With Great Glasses Comes . . . Great Klutziness . . .”

The premise behind Geek-Girl is a nice reverse of the Clark Kent idea of a hero wearing glasses when he’s in his civilian identity. I really like the themes Johnson and Stone-Thompson are exploring with Ruby no longer fitting into her click as one of the “cool kids” and having to become comfortable with who she really is. Artist Sally Stone-Thompson has a manga-inspired black and white style which makes use of minimal setting to focus on the characters. Emotions are clearly displayed on characters’ faces, which heightens the cartoon comedy of Ruby’s klutziness and college drama.

Geek-Girl #0 is not something you want to think about too hard as there are a lot of questions yet unanswered such as why Ruby is obsessed with the glasses and becoming a superhero in the first place. There are also a few logic fallacies. It confused me that, while perfectly capable of taking them off, Ruby keeps the glasses on when she’s not Geek-Girl, even though doing so comes with a price. Then, there’s the creation of the glasses themselves, whose stated purpose makes little sense with its power set or why the inventor chose to imbue a dorky pair of glasses with powers. Logic aside, I’m not sure I particularly like Ruby after this initial issue. She comes across as a shallow person, with the manner in which she acquires the super-glasses and the fact that she brags about what she can do with them. But, this is all part of theme Johnson and Stone-Thompson are exploring. Ruby genuinely does want to help others and even a journey of self-discovery has to start somewhere.

Geek-Girl #0, written by Sam Johnson, illustrated by Sally Stone-Thompson, and published by Actuality Press, is available now, priced at $2.50, at



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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