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‘Flee Chapter 2: Argus’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Flee coverWhen last we saw Commander Flick Fleebus, he had narrowly escaped the might of the Krill armada with the invaluable Nexus Sphere in tow. Now crash-landed on the strange, forbidden planet Earth, Flick must locate the Sphere, his robotic companion Trion, and find a way off the planet while evading the Krill military. Oblivious to all of this is bug exterminator, Rigby Pinkerton, who is currently living with his mother following his divorce and is trying to find a new purpose to his life.


What makes Flee great is the size difference between the Krill and the Sect and the inhabitants of Earth. Flick is maybe half the size of an ant, and his entire ship no bigger than a golf ball. What that means is that we get all of the epic sci-fi battles and situations, but they take place in the surprisingly hostile setting of a suburban backyard. This issue is filled with racing battles around dogs, grass, and houses while common pests become more fearsome than any Wampa or other space beastie. The visuals in this book are gorgeous, and the setting manages to make all of the classic sci-fi situations fresh and exciting.

While Trion won my Best Dialogue Award in the last issue, Flick does a great job of holding his own in this chapter, having graduated from reluctant hero dialogue to snarky hero dialogue. Flick has great chemistry with his Krill archnemesis, Panulirus Argus, a hulking brute of a Krill that is surprisingly funny and intelligent in his own right, making him both an enjoyable character and a real threat to Flick.

This chapter also reintroduced Rigby from the prologue. Rigby’s story is fairly mundane, as you might imagine, but his plot gives a good ebb and flow to the book, and he unknowingly provides an obstacle or ally to the Krill and Flick’s actions. The creators do a great job of interconnecting these two stories without it seeming forced and without Rigby becoming aware of exactly what’s going on.

Flee turns the action up to 11 in this chapter but is just warming up with a lot more to unfold in the remaining issues. Flee Chapter 2 will be available through Comixology on September 26. Remember, size does matter.




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