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‘Epic Kill #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Epic Kill 5Epic Kill is the summer action film of comics. Comparisons to movies like Hanna or Kill Bill would not go amiss as 18-year-old Song goes after the man, Senator Rook, who killed her parents and best friend when she was a child.

Because Epic Kill is all about action, it’s a good thing that Raffaele Ienco is able to bring these ridiculously awesome set pieces to life. Song comes across as confident, powerful, and an utter bada– whether she’s chasing her prey in a stolen big rig or taking out a pack of guards. And, explosions? Yeah, there are plenty of those, too.

Ienco employs one odd storytelling device in this issue; he’ll have Song retreat into her head and imagine how a scene should turn out before snapping back to reality and showing readers what really happened. This is an interesting mechanic, as it fakes out readers for a page (and it’s always used right before a page flip) while getting to show off an alternative, but no less cool, scene in its place. I’ve seen this method employed in films before, but this is the first I’ve seen it used so seamlessly in a comic book.

Epic Kill #5 is the end of this first story arc, so reading it alone is akin to coming in for the last 20 minutes of an action flick: easy to pick up and follow but you know you missed out on a lot of crazy stuff in the first few issues. Don’t go reading Epic Kill for any depth of character, but as a good popcorn action movie substitute, Epic Kill is some of the best you’re going to find in comics.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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