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‘Thief of Thieves #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Thief of Thieves 8This is one title that could benefit from a synopsis in the front.  According to Wikipedia (which means it must be true), the story is about Conrad Paulson, a thief who screwed up his relationship with his ex-wife Audrey and his son Augustus and now is looking for ways to repair those relationships while changing his preferred marks from the rich to other thieves.

The best part of this issue was seeing how Conrad and his ex-wife’s new boyfriend (or fiancé or husband . . . not exactly sure) deal with one another. Both act childishly and try to one up the other, only Conrad has a few more tricks up his sleeve for screwing with people. The facial expressions are priceless: the smugness, confusion, and irritation comes across perfectly from the page. Overall, that’s the one thing Thief of Thieves does well, showing us how humans deal with one another. All of the characters’ interactions are well portrayed, and, with a little context, it’s easy to tell what each character’s motivation is just by how they act and what they say.

Otherwise, Issue #8 is a breather issue all about recovering from the recent events that landed Augustus (Conrad’s son) in trouble and Augustus dealing with the additional complications his screw-ups bring. One relationship not seen in this issue that I really wish had been around was the one between father and son. Here, his son is following in his footsteps and in need of guidance, but Conrad is off messing with his ex-wife’s new beau, instead of helping him through the situation. While examining these relationships is the highlight of the issue, they are handled in a snapshot format. Every two pages is a different scene with a different group of characters, and though it does double back some, it’s not as much as you might think, which I found confusing and frustrating as my first Thief of Thieves experience.




Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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