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Planetoid #3 – Advance Comic Book Review


Planetoid 3This issue is all about developing the world. As the group of misfits (the tribes, Frog Men, scavengers, and Silas, an aging space pirate who just wants to find a way off the planet) start to work together and form a community on this desolate planetoid, we’re treated to a montage of their accomplishments over the course of several months as they go from a set of groups at one another’s throats to a real settlement. This may not sound like much for an issue, but these events really show what the characters are capable of and Silas starts to grow as he takes his focus from trying to find a way off the planetoid to finding a way to help these people. At the heart of this issue is the lesson that independently we have our skills, but we can create so much more when we work with others and have our skills complement one another.

This issue introduces a lot of new characters and groups, meaning each group gets very little panel time, but Planetoid creator Ken Garing adds a lot of subtle detail into these short interactions, which helps to establish each of these characters’ personalities and relationship to other members of the settlement. With such a diverse cast, there are easily dozens of stories to tell within the settlement itself, not to mention showing where these different groups originated and handling any external threats.

I’m a fan of the art in Planetoid. Each of the different groups making up the settlement are distinctive in dress and appearance, which nicely matches the different ways they’re portrayed during the course of the story, and there are still plenty of background characters of different species or groups that haven’t even been introduced, yet! Garing does a great job of keeping the settlement looking crude and the people on the brink of starvation, even after it starts to grow and develop.  After all, there still isn’t much worth having on the planetoid. The planetoid itself is a dynamic setting with plenty of odd features in the distance that kept making me go, “I wonder what’s over there.” Now that Garing has taken some time to establish characters and a home base, here’s hoping we’ll get to explore not only the characters but more of the planetoid in the coming months.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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