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Saga #6: Advance Comic Book Review


Saga 6The joke of “Go read this now” is common enough in reviews, but I literally mean it here. Saga is an ongoing story in a strange and fascinating universe that takes time to become familiar with and is worth every moment of investment. If you like Brian K. Vaughan’s other work or the summary below sounds interesting, you should go read Issues #1-#5, and then come back to this review in anticipation for the release of Issue #6.

Saga is the story of Hazel, a daughter born to Marko and Alana, two soldiers from opposite sides of an interstellar war. Marko and Alana set out with their newborn to try and find a way off the planet Cleave before agents from either side manage to track them down. The Coalition of Landfall sends out Prince Robot IV and his contingency to track down and kill the fugitives while the planet Wreath puts out a contract to various bounty hunters, including The Stalk and The Will, to kill Marko and Alana and bring Hazel back to them.


Issue #6 is the ending of one arc and the start of another. Our heroes, Marko and Alana, finally reach the rocketship forest and meet their new ride. For anyone who initially balked at the idea of a rocketship forest, the gorgeous design of these ships is going to blow you away with its blend of science and nature. In addition to being their new home, an exciting prospect is that the rocketship will become another character in the cast, having a mind and will of its own with no easy means to control it.

As exciting as the rocketship is, the real highlight for me came from the opposition. Prince Robot IV makes the mistake of informing The Will that he killed The Stalk. The Will loses it and threatens to kill Prince Robot IV.  Already in need of the contract money on Alana and Marko to free the slave girl on Sextillion, now The Will has motivation to seek out Prince Robot IV for payback; the fact that he is The Will’s main competition for Marko and Alana’s contract is merely a bonus. Prince Robot IV doesn’t take the threat seriously, but from what has been seen of The Will so far, he’ll make good on his promise and then some.

There’s a learning curve to Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga, but just because the basic rules of this universe have been learned in the first five issues doesn’t mean Vaughan has no more surprises in store for readers. The events at the end of the issue are shocking, exciting, and will have an impact on the series going forward. One thing is for certain, Marko and Alana’s lives are only going to get more interesting from here.


Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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