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Hypernaturals #2: Advance Comic Book Review

Hypernaturals 2Hypernaturals takes place in a far-flung future where the sentient A.I. known as the Quantinuum links all the known worlds and civilizations and keeps each of them running. The Quantinuum’s defenders are a team of super-powered individuals known as the Hypernaturals who are hand picked and serve for up to three five-year terms.  Seven years ago, the Hypernaturals defeated the threat of Sublime, a man who possessed an intellect far superior to that of super geniuses, whose goal was to destroy the Quantinuum. Now, the latest team of Hypernaturals has gone missing on a routine mission, and it’s up to the retired members and wash-outs to form a new team before whatever took out the Hypernaturals comes for the Quantinuum.

Hypernaturals is as quirky as the concept sounds. The world is artfully presented using the Quantinuum, which delivers a summary of events as a news report and expounds upon information when necessary, similar to S.H.A.D.E.NET in Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., but the Quantinuum knows when to get out of the way and let the story tell itself, while keeping other world-building content completely separate from the main story.  Though the characters find themselves in a few ridiculously absurd situations [say, half of a BKV’s Saga (it’s totally an acceptable rating)], they accept it as fact and handle it in such a manner to make what could have been an annoyingly over-the-top plot point into a charming event.  After the first surprise or two, I accepted that Hypernaturals is going to throw these curve balls and began to understand the different elements it is bringing together.

The veteran Hypernaturals are instantly likeable and come across as much more than the sum of their respective powers, which are nonetheless neat and unique takes on even classic power sets. Sticking with the theme established in Issue #1, Hypernaturals #2 includes a flashback scene, but this one is all about some of these veteran characters and is enough of a charmingly wacky scene that I’d recommend reading this issue just for it. Unfortunately, the wash-outs come across as stereotypes, but with a little more focus on them, I believe they could become just as interesting as Bewilder, Inkwell, or the other veterans.

If you’re looking for a quirky science-fiction/superhero hybrid adventure story, wanted to confirm its half a Saga absurdity rating, or really wanted to see what an interview with a class 10 intellect would look like, this is an issue you’ve got to check out.




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