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‘Back to the Future #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m having a conundrum.  A “Continuum Conundrum,” if you will.  And yes, this conundrum involves the greatest time-traveling duo to ever live–well, in our imaginations at least. Naturally, I’m talking about Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown!

If you’ve ever watched the Back to the Future trilogy, you know that Marty and the Doc traveled from the 1980s back to the 1960s, then to the future of 2015 (which is now our present-day past… #ThinkAboutThat), and ended their adventures on film in the days of the Old West.  But, on paper, IDW Publishing has created a beautiful comic book series that follows “untold tales and alternate timelines” of our two heroes.

Our story thus far:

The Doc has appeared in Marty’s present-day 1980s life which takes place after their adventures on the big screen. But Emmett Brown has no idea just who he is or where he came from (or what time period for that matter), and it’s up to Marty and Jennifer to solve this conundrum.

Last month, we got a glimpse into the Doc’s past (or at least the events that led up to his disappearance from his beloved Clara), and it’s my best guess that these events first occurred in the Old West. I think it is safe to assume that the Doc was trying to build a new time machine, and this alternate timeline stems from one of his attempts before he was able to build the time-traveling train we saw in Back to the Future III.

This month, in Back to the Future #9, Marty has a plan to send the Doc back to where he came from, but it involves going back to the future…again!  It’s the not-so-distant future this time in the year 2035, and let’s just say that Biff Tannen’s bloodline may yet again cause trouble for McFly and Dr. Brown.

As always, the team behind this Back to the Future series is the best in the business. With writers John Barber and Bob Gale, you get one hell of a captivating storyline. This issue is only Part 4 of “Continuum Conundrum,” but I only hope it becomes an ongoing series at this point. And artists Marcelo Ferreira and Athila Fabbio only add to the awesomeness of this series! The future couldn’t look brighter without inks and colors by Toni Doya, Diego Rodriguez, and Jose Luis Rio.

For now, however, we all have to wait yet another month to see what the future holds for Marty and the Doc.

Until then,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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