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‘Back to the Future #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Is it that time of the month again already? No, I’m not talking about paying rent. I’m pretty sure it’s time to continue our conundrum . . .

What conundrum, you ask? Why, our very own “Continuum Conundrum” from the alternative adventures and timelines of the best time-traveling duo around.  You guessed it–Marty McFly and The Doc himself, Dr. Emmett Brown!

In Part 1 of our unusual story thus far, Marty discovers Doc’s secret lab which holds a second DeLorean. While there, Marty receives a mysterious letter from Clara which states that her beloved has vanished! But, sure enough, The Doc showed up last month in Part 2, and he has no idea just where or who he is! It’s up to Marty to figure out if this is the real Doc Brown or an alternate, and better yet, how will they get him back to the Old West? Oh, and just for fun, let’s throw Needles into the mix who’s after Marty for some good, classic revenge. As Marty would say, this storyline is most certainly “heavy.”

This month, in Back to the Future #8, Needles gets what’s coming to him after he tries to race Marty for the Doc’s steam-engine time-machine. Which also reminds me–we find out where The Doc came from! My theory is that this whole conundrum came after his first attempt at building a time-machine back in 1893 which means this situation probably occurred before Doc built the time-traveling train we see in Back to the Future III. Pretty cool, huh!?

I have to hand it to writers John Barber and Bob Gale who really know how to keep coming up with interesting and unique adventures for our heroes that seem to fit well with the original storyline. And props to artists Marcelo Ferreira, Athila Fabbio, Toni Doya, Diego Rodriguez, and Esther Sanz for a stunning turn of every page. This ongoing series seems to get darker and more dangerous with each issue, and the entire Back to the Future comic book team most definitely knows their stuff!

Now, if only we had a machine to tell us what the future holds for Jennifer, Marty, and the Doctor of all Docs…

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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