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‘TMNT Ongoing #58:’ Advance Comic Book Review

OMG! TMNT!! WIWWM!!! (What is wrong with me!?) I missed a month! How did that happen? Where was I?

Either way, I’m okay now and all caught up! If any of you—my readers—were able to get your hands on a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #57, you know what’s happened. Our heroes-in-a-half-shell are back on Burnow Island. Their mission was to revive the remaining Utroms now that General Krang is out of the picture. Mysteriously enough, someone has murdered many of the Utrom species, as well as ripped Fugitoid to pieces!

This month, we finally know who’s behind all the murders . . . Leatherhead! He’s been pretending to help the Turtles this whole time, but he’s only been after one thing—revenge! Revenge against Krang for treating him so poorly for so many years as his own personal mutant pet. But, can our pizza-loving heroes convince Leatherhead that he doesn’t have to be so evil?

Leave it to Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz to leave us with one of the biggest cliffhangers for as long as I can remember since reading this ongoing TMNT storyline. What I love about their collaboration is that even though some issues can be grouped together to make one small adventure, each issue has an ongoing story arc to a much larger story at hand. And with elaborate artwork each month by Mateus Santolouco and colors by Ronda Pattison, I have begun to compare other comics to the panels of this series. Shout-out to newcomer Dave Wachter for his few pages, as well! His drawings totally fit amongst all the rest.

Now, whatever you do, please don’t let me miss out on next month’s issue, as I must know what happens to Master Splinter! Uh oh, I’ve said too much already…

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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