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‘Back to the Future #7:’ Comic Book Review

What is going on!? The world, as we know it, is upside down!

What? No, not the real world!  Well, I guess that, too, is upside down when you know that Donald Trump is running for President, but that’s besides the point. Plus, at least we know Biff Tannen can never run for the Presidency…or has he already…

But, yes–that’s the world I’m talking about! The world of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, also known as the comic book world of Back to the Future!

If you’ve been following along, last month we readers got a glimpse of an alternate timeline called “Continuum Conundrum, Part 1.” This story takes place after the original trilogy, and Marty is majorly depressed! For a high schooler who has already seen more than enough for one lifetime, Marty is bored with his normal life and misses his best friend, Doctor Emmett Brown. The only person he can turn to for comfort is his girlfriend Jennifer, but even she can’t understand his loneliness. So, Marty does the only thing he can do: find his friend! Thinking he’s absurd, Marty shows Jennifer just how right he is when he discovers that the Doc had a second laboratory and another DeLorean! What happens next is a conundrum, indeed, when a mysterious letter shows up from Clara, telling Marty that her beloved has vanished!

This month in Back to the Future #7 and in “Continuum Conundrum, Part 2,” the Doc turns up in his recently discovered secret lab, but he has no idea who Marty and Jennifer actually are! Is this the real Doc Brown, or an alternate? So now, not only do they have to figure out how the Doc got back to 1986 but also when in the timeline he came from, and how are they going to get him back!? Talk about a conundrum, indeed…

At least the future looks bright for writers John Barber and Bob Gale. With comic book legend Tom Waltz behind your series as an editor, you know you have an awesome project on your hands!  And the Back to the Future team of artists seems to keep growing, as well, with beautiful artwork by Marcelo Ferreira and Athila Fabbio, as well as additional inks and colors by Tony Doya, Jose Luis Rio, and Ester Sanz.

This is one series that keeps growing with every issue, so if you haven’t caught up already, now’s the time to do so. But if you just so happen to come across a DeLorean from 1985, please let me know so I can find out what happens to Marty, Jennifer, and the Doc!

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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