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‘Tomb Raider #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Ready to raid some tombs?!  No, you won’t find me grave robbing graveyards on my days off.  But you will find me reading the latest Tomb Raider comic book series from Dark Horse Comics. 

Last month, the famous Lara Croft led us in an all out chase, trying to save and protect Professor Demur from hitmen who were after his latest discovery: an ancient, magical mushroom. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind you smoke, but better!

This month in Tomb Raider #3, Lara, Jonah, and the Professor (They left Gilligan at home…) set off in search of more mushrooms, and the action doesn’t stop in this series!  Leave it to Jonah to help the trio escape a near plane crash.  Leave it to Lara and her heightened senses to hear bad guys coming from a mile away.  And leave it to Professor Demur to, well, get captured, of course. 

We might only be three issues in, but I really admire the work of script writer Mariko Tamaki, and the story he has written for us thus far.  I feel like I’m playing a special edition Tomb Raider video game!  I’m entertained, yet on the edge of my seat with each page turn.  It’s getting harder and harder to wait an entire month between issues.  I also value the detailed work of line artist Phillip Sevy, as well as the colors by Michael Atiyeh.  And this month’s cover art by Agustin Alessio is definitely worth mentioning for the books. 

All in all, Tomb Raider has a great team of writers and artists behind her, and I look forward to Lara’s next adventure.

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Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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