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‘George W. Bush: Vampire Hunter’ – Comic Book Review

Ahh, election season.

Nothing says “United Stated of America” like defriending your racist cousins and Republican friends on Facebook. Or perhaps you’re one of those uneducated elephants who believes one book should govern our 50 beautiful states.  And, you’re absolutely right. It’s those devilish Democratic donkeys and their gay hippie love that need to be thwarted the way Obi-Wan defiled his apprentice. Because, you know, just because our Constitution claims that all men and women are created equal doesn’t really mean that women deserve equal pay and homosexuals should be allowed to marry someone with the same genitals between their legs!  Gross!

And then, God said, “Let there be Trump!”

Ahh, how I love thee, election season . . .

But, in all seriousness, the gods of comic books did bring us political junkies something rather new this election year, and it’s not another Republican debate with however many people want to awkwardly miss their entrance on stage and talk about their d–k size. And no, it’s not anther intelligent debate between two politicians who rhyme with Hernie and Billary, and who want to discuss the real issues at hand.

No, I’m talking about the brand new comic book, George W. Bush: Vampire Hunter!

It’s funny because just the other day I was starting to feel somewhat repetitive in my writing. Besides getting the opportunity to read and write about something new on the rare occasion, I review at least three ongoing comic book series, and my writing has become slightly stale. But, aren’t we all our own worst judges?

But, George W. Bush: Vampire Hunter is exactly what I needed to help reboot my writer’s fuel. And, get this–in this very first issue, George W. Bush thinks vampires are real and goes after Twilight sensation Taylor Lautner! Oh yeah. It gets better! This comic is filled with one bad dad joke after another about the many ways to kill a vampire (or at least in Bush’s unintelligent mind), and then it turns out . . . George Dubyuh is right! WTF?!

Rumor has it, this may be a first-time comic book for writer Steve Waldinger, and if the rumors are true, Steve has a great independent series on his hand. The black-and-white artwork by Claudia Aguirre is also extremely detailed and adds much depth to the story. I’m not quite sure whether or not the actual issue will be in color, but I do hope so for future issues. Unless Claudia and Steve are trying to go for a Walking Dead-like theme, it’s the only piece of feedback I have for this unstoppable duo.

Now, don’t walk, but RUN to your nearest comic book store and pick up a copy of George W. Bush: Vampire Hunter, because, sometimes, you just need to make fun of Presidents . . . especially before Trump f—s it up for all of us . . .

P.S.  Is it weird that I’m rooting for the vampires?

#TeamVampire or #TeamTaylor

(Doesn’t matter to me, so long as one of them kills the true vampire of them all!)

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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