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‘Back to the Future #6:’ Comic Book Review

Well, we waited long enough, but the future is finally here! Okay, I guess you could argue that the future is also far away, but that depends on which future you speak of. I, of course, am referring to Back to the Future #6, a comic book series that was supposed to only last four issues, but due to its favorable success, IDW Publishing has made it an ongoing series. So, at least once a month, the future is looking pretty bright now, isn’t it?

Last month, in Back to the Future #5, we got a closer look at “Clara’s Story.” I had always wondered about Clara’s backstory and where she came from, and February’s issue did just that by showing us her adventures as a child. And with her strong love for Jules Verne, it’s no wonder that Clara and Dr. Brown were destined to be together!

This month, we see a different alternate timeline with Part 1 of a “Continuum Conundrum,” and it’s an aftermath of the entire trilogy. Without reading any of the comics, we know that Marty has seen a lot for one lifetime. He’s been to the Old West. He met his own parents as teenagers. He’s even run into his future self! Talk about mind blowing!

But, now what?

What if Marty’s “best days” are in his past, even if some of them are in his future? Or what would happen if the Doc were to suddenly vanish in his past life and show up in Marty’s present only to threaten everyone’s future!? Sounds like a “continuum conundrum” indeed…

At least we can all thank the future for bringing us new and unique storytellers like John Barber and Bob Gale. Even comic book legend, Tom Waltz, has helped edit what I’m sure he knows to be a successful series for the comic book industry. And with artwork by Marcelo Ferreira, additional inks by Athila Fabbio, and colors by Diego Rodriguez and Jose Luis Rio, one couldn’t ask for a more colorful team. The artwork is cartoonish but real, like Archie comics with a little more depth and shading. And I look forward to each month’s variety of variant covers. The first 4 issues in the series stacked up nicely to make one larger picture, but each issue has had its own unique set of covers to say the least. This entire series has a fantastic group of collaborators behind it, and I look forward to what the future will hold for each of them.

Now, if only I could get my hands on a DeLorean just to see what happens next month!

Until then,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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