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Stagedork83 Wants YOU to Join the Marvel Collector Corps: February 2016 Unboxing

Each month, Fanboy Comics Contributor Joshua Desjardins (a.k.a. Stagedork83) receives new and exciting subscription boxes from Marvel Collector Corps, and the FBC readers have a chance to live vicariously through the deliveries as he captures the thrilling unboxing process on video!

Watch Fanboy Comics Contributor Joshua Desjardins (a.k.a. @Stagedork83) unbox Marvel Collector Corps’ latest subscription box containing all things Deadpool! Remember that each item is 100% exclusive, and this month Wade Wilson has commercialized himself as Funko Pop figures, Dorbz, Mopeez, and any other random name you can make up to get morons to buy your shit! 

Hey, Deadpool! Stop taking over my account and writing for me! That’s my job! 

Then do better at it, Stagepool69 . . .



To learn more about Marvel Collector Corps or to subscribe to their monthly service, be sure to visit the official website. For more of Fanboy Comics’ reviews, interviews, and podcasts, please visit


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