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‘Back to the Future #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

For those of you who may not know, I live in one of the best comic book cities in the world–New York City! This means that you can generally find me on the subway going to and from work (or you will find me in an Uber on a late weekend night when the MTA sucks and trains hardly run, but that’s for a different review . . . ).  On the subway, I usually like to read comic books and, of course, write these reviews.

Well, it was bound to happen, but a certain comic book series finally made me miss my subway stop! That series, of course, was none other than the Back to the Future comic book series, featuring untold tales and alternate timelines of the adventures of heroes Doc Brown and Marty McFly. This month’s third issue contains two brand new stories: “In Search of Calvin Marty Klein” and “Jurassic Biff.”

Last month, we were lucky enough to learn exactly why Doc Brown burned his house down in “The Doc Who Never Was.”  We also get to see some of Doc Brown’s early experiments as Marty was in desperate need of a school science project, but let’s just say that Doc’s 88-mile-per-hour time-traveling DeLorean will always be his best work. 

This month, both 1955-teenaged George McFly and Lorraine come to Doc Brown in search of Marty as they struggle with relationship issues, which could cause Marty to never exist in the future, leaving it up to the Doc to save the day. Or in this case, his future!  Meanwhile, when Biff Tannen uses the time machine in Back to the Future II, this latest BTTF issue shows us that Biff may have gone too far back before meeting himself in the past.

As always, I must give credit to writers John Barber, Erik Burnham, and Bob Gale for giving us such fun stories to read. And, with artwork by Corin Howell and Alan Robinson and colors by Jose Luis Rio, this series is beginning to have one of the best teams in the business! Congrats to all!

But wait, there’s more good news, readers! Back to the Future is becoming an ongoing series! How exciting is that?!

Until next month . . . and the month after, and the month after that, and after that, all the way until #ToBeContinued is more than just a hashtag . . .

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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