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‘Hipsters vs. Rednecks #1:’ Comic Book Review

I’ve been looking for something different to read. Something new! Something silly . . .

Naturally, you can see my excitement when I saw an opportunity to read and review a brand new comic book about Hipsters! And, Rednecks! And, it just so happens to be ingeniously entitled, Hipsters vs. Rednecks #1.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—this new comic book series is probably chock-full of bad music references and jokes about coffee shops and not doing anything popular. And, you probably think the Rednecks talk like they all come from the deepest parts of the South, even though our story takes place after the Apocalypse in “New Brooklyn.” Well, keep thinking, because you’re on the exact same wavelength as our creators!

But, you know what? I don’t mind one bit! I don’t mind that storyteller Wes Locher has given us what we expect, because he throws in a beautiful character—Sloane—who doesn’t appear to belong to either stereotypical group, forcing each of them to think outside their conformities. And, with fun and colorful artwork by Tyler Kelting, this comic book never gets old or boring as any true Hipster might suspect.

So, I applaud these two creative friends for filling my void. I was looking for something different, and exciting and silly is exactly what I found! The question is . . . whose side are you on?



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