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‘TMNT Ongoing #42:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The next issue for the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has arrived, and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been anticipating this comic book since last month’s storyline. If you remember, Donatello has secretly made plans with Shredder to help destroy Krang’s Technodrome, which he plans to activate in 24 hours.  I assume that 24 hours is about to pass, even though a month’s worth of time has gone by for us as readers, so let’s see what Attack on Technodrome: Part 2, Issue #42 has to offer . . .

This month, our heroes’ chess board is set up to play, and by that I mean that their game plan is set in motion.  But, while Shredder and Krang try their best to destroy one another, we discover the true plan of our heroes-in-a-half-shell, forcing me to question why I ever doubted their plan in the first place.  These teenagers have heart, and saving the world is always their first priority.  Even if that means leaving a member behind . . .

Once again, I congratulate Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz on a beautiful story.  These are the same heroes I grew up with, yet I wish I had storylines like these back then.  And, of course, artist Cory Smith needs no introduction.  His use of shading in this month’s issue really tells us, as readers, how both important and dangerous everyone’s mission is.  And, with Ronda Pattison bringing these pages to life with her splendid use of colors, I don’t think there’s a better team out there writing for comic books these days.  At least in the TMNT franchise.

So, if you’ve been following along with the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, be sure to pick up Issue #42.  It is sure to be a plan that will go down in the TMNT history books!

Until the next issue . . .


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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