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Ragemoor #3: Advance Comic Review


Ragemoor 3Ragemoor #3 is the penultimate issue of the Dark Horse mini-series, continuing the dark and twisted story of the living castle and its unfortunate inhabitants. Compared to the last issue, this one feels less impactful and revelatory, serving mostly to position all of the players for what is sure to be an unsettling climax next month. Still, despite the slow burn, it is a satisfying read, littered with cryptic bread crumbs that continue to flesh out the details of Jan Strnad’s gothic tale.

Richard Corben’s art continues to impress, as his almost cartoonish style stands in stark contrast to the horrific images he depicts. The effect of seeing the characters in the book wander past walls made of human bone and screaming skulls, seemingly either unaware or indifferent, never fails to inspire unease. Corben also continues to make great use of light and shadow, which wonderfully enhances Strnad’s foreboding script.

Overall, this issue provides symbolism more often than new information, leaving me wondering how the story will be wrapped up in only one more issue; however, Strnad has succeeded in surprising me with each installment, so I trust that the story is heading for a satisfying (if almost assuredly unhappy) conclusion.



Jordan Callarman, Fanbase Press Contributor



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