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‘Exit Generation #2:’ Comic Book Review

Jack and Mo want to rescue their loved ones from the carnivorous alien creatures, but what can they do without a way to get off the planet to the hovering ships? Enter Scrap, an engineer turned barter specialist, and his sidekick/helper, Hanna, a teenage girl whose loyalty to her surrogate father is only rivaled by her dislike of all other humans. Since Scrap and Hanna have a restored exit shuttle plus an arsenal of restored guns, they’re the perfect additions to help our daring duo take on the flesh-eating aliens and bring their friends, neighbors, and family home!

Exit Generation #2 begins moving Jack and Mo’s story forward more dynamically than the first issue.  The main problem has been presented, so the pair focuses on finding a way to rescue their family from being eaten.  Scrap and Hanna add diverse world views to the rescue squad, and their survivalist mentality reminds readers that the world was in bad shape when the exit pods left. 

My favorite new addition to Issue #2 is tied between Hanna and the vegetarian alien prison guard. (He’s huge and imposing due to his veggie-only diet, and he’s assigned “food guarding” since he won’t steal the food.)  Both of them buck the trends often seen in comics, because they aren’t exactly as they seem.  I particularly appreciate that Hanna isn’t being used as eye candy or a love interest for Jack or Mo (at least in this volume).  She’s a tough-as-nails mechanic and pilot who is the guys’ only way to rescuing their family.  Conversely, the alien guard may be an ally inside the spacecraft who will help the humans get home before Feasttime arrives!

The artwork in Exit Generation #2 continues to move the story forward as much as the words.   The various alien creatures presented in this issue allowed the artist to really experiment with reptilian looks, and the antagonists definitely inspire fear and loathing.

Exit Generation #2 picks up the pace exponentially, and I’m excited to see our main characters succeed in finding a way to leave Earth.  Sure, they’re a ragtag bunch of misfits, but those are the best for taking down powerful evil, right? It’s just a fun read that shows the strength of the human spirit while providing entertainment at the same time.

4.5 Disturbing Solutions to Overpopulation out of 5

Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press Social Media Strategist


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