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‘Transformers: Windblade #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Transformers: Windblade #5 takes a high-stakes bid for political alliance and makes it fun! The “lost” colony of Velocitron revolves around racing and speed, so Windblade’s last chance to forge ties involves a retired Cybertronian racer and a no-holds barred charity race featuring a boon from Velocitron’s leader, Override.

The story opens with a startling revelation about how Velocitron became so focused on movement and speed; the planet’s sun burns hot enough to melt metal and scorch the ground, so the cities first began moving to stay ahead of its brutal rays! Windblade and crew must hustle to get aboard Delta to avoid becoming gooey puddles of energon. Once inside, the team begins formulating a plan to get Blurr entered in the day’s race while Windblade attempts to communicate with the city’s Titan to turn the results of the race in Cybertron’s favor.

I’m so impressed with Windblade’s demeanor in this volume! Despite Chromia’s betrayal in the first series, the bond between the two female Transformers has stayed strong. She’s also found a way to stay true to her ideals, yet use her special skills to protect what she holds most dear, peace between Cybertron and the other Transformers colonies. I like this more politically savvy version of Windblade, and I hope she stays this way in her story!

The race scene and run to the city in Transformers: Windblade #5 allow artist Corin Howell to have fun showing the Bots’ alternate forms. The race sequence is particularly vibrant with multiple racers and all sorts of hijinks on the track.

While knowledge of the Combiner Wars saga and previous Windblade issues would help to clarify some of the plot in this volume, I think new readers could still appreciate the fun and stakes of Transformers: Windblade #5. It’s a fun, Transformers twist on gladiatorial battles, and the only real question is how will Starscream react if a new delegation arrives ready to parlay?

4.5 Furies of the Burning Sun out of 5

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