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‘Transformers: Windblade – Combiner Wars #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Transformers: Windblade – Combiner Wars #2 takes the political machinations from the main Transformers storyline and brings them into even sharper focus.  The number of serious players in this showdown continues to grow, but the central conflict between Optimus Prime, Starscream, and young Windblade definitely takes center stage when a crisis occurs that could affect both Caminus and Cybertron.

The Bots opposed to both Starscream’s and Optimus Prime’s visions for a new future move forward with their plans to attack Windblade’s home planet, Caminus, in an attempt to fracture the fledgling government; however, they don’t count on grizzled veteran Ironhide being on the scene, helping Chromia clear some of the recent devastation.  Old friends are united, a Hail Mary play results in a third Combiner, and the differences between the Bots on Starscream’s government council become clear in this action-packed issue!

I would have liked some more Windblade in this issue, since she’s my draw into the Transformers world, but I love how Scott has grown the character since the original mini-series.  The young Bot finally shows insight and an ability to maneuver in a hazardous world in Combiner Wars #2, and I almost felt like I was seeing a close friend’s child grow up.  The interaction between Chromia and Ironhide about Chromia and Windblade’s previous relationship also was brilliant.  Both young females have learned from Chromia’s betrayal at the end of the first Windblade series, and while their friendship no longer feels the same, I like the realism in how they still count on one another despite being more guarded. 

Livio Ramondelli hops over to this series, as well, and produces one of my favorite Chromia panels of all time, a shot where, despite her warrior nature, it’s clear that she is also very female. (It’s a face shot that gives her softer lips than the male Bots.)  Robots aren’t the easiest objects to give gender, and I’m continually impressed with the work of artists on the continuing Transformers series.

A lot of stuff goes down in Transformers: Windblade – Combiner Wars #2, and you’ll probably be lost if you haven’t stayed on top of the last several issues.  The character development is well worth picking up multiple issues, though, and you also get some excellent panels with gigantic Combiners.  I never thought I’d see anything that made a regular Bot look diminutive!

4.5 Amazingly Enormous Combiners out of 5

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