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‘Sevara #0:’ Comic Book Review

In Issue #0 of Sevara, the upcoming science fiction release from Broken Icon Comics, the world as we know it has become a wasteland lorded over by the fearsome Mitan. He demands respect from the surviving humans and holds control solely because the previous human protector/god, Sevara, is in his control. When she escapes torture and death, Sevara pledges to return the world to a place without greed, hatred, and conflict; however, she is currently only a human woman with a few extra abilities. Sevara will have to heal and rebuild her strength to help protect Earth’s survivors and overthrow Mitan’s tyrannical stranglehold on the planet.

This initial issue of Sevara is a surreal and sometimes confusing read, because Sevara’s path is not a linear one. She has lived for seventy thousand years and absorbed the memories of countless women. The one constant is that she, or others who have shared her abilities, seek to protect Earth and its inhabitants from the worst of human nature. Sevara and her kind only want to save the world, in the most literal sense. The current god, Mitan, represents ruthless power and intimidation, which is the antithesis of Sevara’s message of love and healing. Their conflict almost feels like a science fiction interpretation of the societal shift from female worship and matriarchy to the more militaristic cultures that developed with the emphasis on male gods and patriarchy. I hope that future issues develop more of Sevara’s past, as well as define a strong current plot. This introductory volume only gives readers a taste of where the very human defender of mankind’s tale may go.

Sevara and Mitan are the major players in Issue #0, and we get just enough detail to recognize the intense antagonism between the two. Clearly, there must be a showdown between these powerful individuals in the future, but how Sevara’s new companion will play into it (will she become another woman to gain Sevara’s mysterious abilities?) remains to be seen.

The artwork in Sevara is stunningly beautiful, but the overtly sensual portrayals of Sevara left me a little cold. While women can be both sexual and strong, it seemed disingenuous for many shots of the powerful main character to show her nearly nude or in only skin-tight garments. Conversely, Sevara’s new female companion wears practical clothing that isn’t designed for the male gaze, and one of her first actions after Sevara’s appearance is to give the protagonist a shirt to cover herself! Many readers will not be bothered by Sevara’s clothing or lack thereof; just keep it in mind that challenging gender stereotypes does not always mean fully clothed or practical outfits!

Overall, Issue #0 of Sevara is an intriguing and very short introduction to a complex and multifaceted future Earth. I can only begin to imagine where the tale will go, although I want an epic Sevara vs. Mitan smackdown at some point. I don’t think it’s going to be a simple, mind candy read, but it will offer something to think on long after the last page has been turned.

4 Years of Mystical Stasis out of 5


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