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‘Chambers #4:’ Comic Book Review

Chambers #4 opens with Denise cornered in her apartment by the very police force she once felt was as close as her family.  They’ve turned on her en masse, and the only person she can trust now is herself. Denise has one more person to confront before she can find peace with her father’s and brother’s deaths, but will she be able to pull the trigger on the final culprit or will the price for ultimate revenge be more than she’s willing to pay?

The young narcotics officer continues to display her ability to play with the big boys in this final volume, and I was impressed with her ability to both use weapons and hand-to-hand techniques to take out the squad closing in on her apartment. At the same time, she kept a certain black humor in her quips to her assailants, which made me laugh even as my heart raced with Denise’s dire predicament. Her clever escape through a neighbor’s apartment only proved, yet again, that this young lady has smarts and common sense while the gentle scene with elderly Gail and her cat gave me hope that Denise’s softer side wasn’t entirely lost. While I anticipated the climatic final show down, I was truly shocked by our heroine’s decision about how to best enact her revenge. I never saw it coming, which is a real feat given how many novels, comics, and other stories I’ve processed over the years.

The cover art for the final volume of Chambers amazed me with how symbolically it fit the climax of the story. Denise’s world has been shattered apart just like the glass or mirror, and her deepest pain centers on the role her trusted partner played in her family’s demise. I also appreciated the warmth of Gail’s tiny apartment in comparison to the darker, muted tones from the rest of the issue. It helped emphasize that Gail’s world and the Denise in that world was completely different from the person she had to become to survive betrayal from her police comrades.

The answers I got to how Denise handles the final stage of her revenge saddened me, but I never expected this type of story to have a happy ending. There was just a part of me that wanted to believe that somehow she would walk away unscathed and rise again; however, Chambers never pretended to be a fairy tale, so the final resolution fits even if I hoped for magic instead of reality.

Chambers #4 didn’t give me the strong emotional high of Issue #3, but it’s a satisfying ending to an emotionally difficult story. It ended strong with a finale that matched the tone of the piece and showed Denise making her own decisions up until the very end. If you’ve ever loved noir, detectives, or revenge stories, you will not be disappointed!

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Chambers is available here.

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