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‘Chambers #1:’ Comic Book Review

Officer Adrian Chambers took his job in narcotics extremely seriously, so seriously that he was willing to turn several dirty officers over to Internal Affairs for investigation. Now, he’s dead, and the former officers aren’t willing to stop their vengeance just because their primary target is gone. Fortunately, Adrian’s daughter, Denise, followed in her father’s law enforcement footsteps, and she won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of who has made taking out her loved ones a beloved hobby.

I was intrigued by the basic premise of Chambers #1 from the plot synopsis on the back cover. I love stories about capable women, and revenge/vengeance stories featuring a female protagonist are few and far between. Generally, women in these sorts of tales are presented as creatures to be protected, not managers of their own destinies. Denise never feels like a damsel in distress at any point in the first issue, which is a breath of fresh air. She also manages to be very likeable in the short issue, despite only having twenty or so pages for her introduction. Denise is a loving daughter and sister, and she is clearly a valuable cop given how strongly her partner feels about her.

It took me a few readings to adjust to the artwork and coloring style in Chambers #1, but they fit the story extremely well.  It’s an interesting blend of strong lines with a sort of soft watercolor effect especially in distance shots, which reflects the blend of loyalty to family and friends versus the vengeance angle of the plot. The use of shading and light is amazing throughout, as well.  I felt that it added tremendously to the noir feel of the storyline.

My only real complaint with this issue of Chambers is that I only got one small peek into a potentially fascinating world. I want to know more about Denise’s quest and how she will navigate the dangerous world of disgruntled ex-cops. Will she survive the encounter with her belief in justice intact? Will she avoid the lure of easy cash from drug kingpins and keep her integrity? Will Denise survive at all? Obviously, the creators did their job well, since I feel invested in Denise’s story with a small taste.

Overall, Chambers #1 is an excellent start to a potentially amazing, new series. I only hope that the tension continues to rise in the subsequent issues as Denise’s story continues. I’ll be waiting for them eagerly and will snag copies as soon as I can.  Until then, Issue #1 may be found here.

4.5 Tribute Songs to Dad out of 5

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