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‘The Fix #1:’ Comic Book Review (To Serve, Protect, and a Little Bit More)

The future, ladies and gents, is now. I rarely carry cash, get most of my sundries online, and my phone has a touch screen and only responds to my fingerprint to unlock. High tech, my pallies, is here and only getting stronger. Try getting onto a personal website. You’d better have your username and password ready to go, and GET. IT. RIGHT. Get it wrong a few times, and you’ll get locked out and so on and so on. So, unless you’re fluent in 1s and 0s, the criminal life just keeps getting harder and harder. That makes life more convoluted and difficult for your average criminal, let alone a crooked cop.

The Fix, a collaborative work by Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber, Ryan Hill, and Nic J Shaw, is just that: a story that explains that scenario much better than I. Spencer’s story is that of two cops doing what they must to make ends meet. Some bills need to paid immediately, some can wait a few days, and some can be ignored completely. (*Ahem, student loans.) Of course, sometimes, the student loan credit collectors are so adamant, yet calm, about your debt that you know something is wrong. When you have a liaison contacting you to contact the student loan originators, and the originators coolly threaten you with a carving knife, it’s not pleasant. Come Hell or high water, I’d find a few ways to pay that debt.

The story of The Fix isn’t exactly a dive into new territory; tales of corrupt authority figures have been abound since authority figures first existed, but The Fix puts a nice spin on it. The series depicts what it’s like when the people who put the fix on others have the fix put on them.

Take a chance and give it a glance.

You can thank me later.

J.C. Ciesielski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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