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‘The Figure-of-Speech Mongoose:’ Comic Book Review (Well, Isn’t That a Fine Kettle of Fish?)

How many times has this happened to you? Someone you know is talking trash about a mutual acquaintance, and that person is, in turn, talking similar trash on the other. All you can think is, “Well, isn’t THAT the pot calling the kettle black?” Accurate and well known in the parlance of our (and previous generations’) time, but why? Unless you have some magical kitchenware that can speak, why do we use that metaphor? That’s what The Figure-of-Speech Mongoose calls to attention.

Writer/illustrator Allen Carter describes the mongoose as “a perfect animal (due to its speed and cuteness) to tackle the fun issue of dealing with some of the expressions that we use every day, but never think about in terms of their meanings.” Growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, Carter would see mongoose daily, as they were introduced to Hawaii to help deal with a native rat problem. Look up a picture of one . . . did you look yet? I’ll wait. Cute as Hell, right? There’s another one. What makes Hell so damned cute?

The F-O-S Mongoose is done in the panel style of a daily newspaper, about 8 to 12 panels for each figure of speech. Yes, younglings.  News, comics, sporting scores, and more – they were all once available in paper form. Ask a grandparent or elder figure to explain in more detail.

The Figure-of-Speech Mongoose is available for sale online.  If you enjoy the more “out there” panel comics, keep an eye peeled for The F-O-S Mongoose. He may just enlighten you to the origins of some well-known phrases. Then again, he may just make light of them, and that’s cool, too.

You can thank me later . . .

J.C. Ciesielski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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