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Bust out Your Summer Gear: A Review of ‘Rascals’ by Burning Jet Black

“Welcome to Best Buy, what type of music do you like? Can I suggest some bands for you?”

Words you well never hear.

Let’s assume for this article that J.C. stands for “Jaded Curmudgeon.” Even if you were to shop for music at a store that doesn’t require employees to wear name tags (assuming you want to leave the house and get a physical format), the best you may get would be a friendly, “Are you finding everything all right?” How can you find what you’re looking for if you don’t know what it is? You want something new that fits your tastes, but trying to describe it to someone who doesn’t care about music is a bust. Maybe I can help.

I can’t foretell your future or see into your past, but I can describe what I’ve heard and you can find out if it strikes your fancy.

Today’s review class is on Burning Jet Black and their album, Rascals. It strikes me as a definite summer album. Although only comprised of 5 tracks, Rascals has a track for many a warm weather or sultry night situation. The album’s tracks lends themselves to being used on many a soundtrack or commercial, which, if used in the right context, will make it rather memorable. If used in the wrong context, it could potentially make you hate your life every time you hear that song. I’m looking at you, Sarah Mclachlan and ASPCA.

A few tracks off the album would definitely fit the hipster beer commercial vibe.The opening track, “President,” went this route with me, with some vocals that could fit the more heavy REM or Silverchair songs, while musically I got more of a Rage Against the Machine or STP feeling on the guitar until it backed down into something a bit more sedate during the chorus.

The first single off of the album, “The Brutal Beyond,” impressed upon me a “Mr. Brightside”-esque Killers, with a touch of Vampire Weekend feeling to it. I listened to it again immediately after the first listen, because it’s the “everyone ends up singing along to it when it comes on” song.

Next was the song “Gone.” Very chill and relaxing, hanging at the beach during sunset with a low tide and a few friends sharing moments that you’ll one day be nostalgic for. I imagine this being on a The O.C. soundtrack and I’m fine with that, but I know I’d be completely jacked if someone said to me, “Hey, that’s that song from that Abercrombie commercial, right?”

“Black Limousine” came off with an early Jane’s Addiction/Pixies vibe. Another hip beer commercial track. We start with a shot of 3 guys sitting around a booth in a bar. Cut to a following shot of a woman’s backside headed in the direction of the fellas’ booth. Push in on the guy in the center realizing, “OH MY GAWD, SHE’S COMING OVER HERE!!” As she approaches the table, you see she’s bringing over 3 fresh bottles of beer with the label clearly displayed, proving that if you drink this brand of beer, women will find you attractive and want to sleep with you.

“Saved,” the final track, gave me a lighter (not to say wussier) Stone Temple Pilots vibe. I took this to be a song of redemption, wanting to be forgiven for letting the baser desires overpower better judgement.

All in all, if you like any of what I described, you can check out all of Burning Jet Black’s music at their site, And, you should.

You can thank me later.

J.C. Ciesielski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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