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3 Comics You Can’t Miss! 5/23/12 Advance Comic Reviews

Chew 26Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.



Chew #26
by John Layman and Rob Guillory

Alright, so Chew is one of the greatest comics being made right now, and, lucky for you, this issue is the start of a new story arc, so you should totally go buy it. Chew is a lot of things; it’s a crime drama, an action adventure book, a weird science fiction story, and a hilarious comedy. John Layman does a great job of telling complete single issue stories every month, and building an incredible ongoing story full of mystery and intrigue. Not to mention Rob Guillory’s art is amazing. He creates this blend of humorous, cartoony characters and really deep, detailed images, so that every panel catches your eye. One of my favorite things to do is to re-read an issue of Chew just to search for all of the jokes and visual cues they stick in the panels. Chew is collected into 5 trade paperbacks that collect the first 25 issues, so after you read this issue and fall in love you can go pick up the rest, and read the whole story. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Fantastic Four #606
by Jonathan Hickman, Ron Garney, and Jason Keith

Jonathan Hickman is known for doing lots of wacky things in his books. He tells incredibly complicated stories that span worlds, timelines, and even alternate dimensions. This month, however, he slows it down and tells a wonderful one-shot story in which the Fantastic Four really live up to their name. This story (and I am going to be very vague here, because this book should be experienced and not spoiled online) is incredibly mature and emotional. The Fantastic Four have explored worlds, saved universes, and discovered entirely new dimensions. This may be their greatest adventure yet. Hickman perfectly writes this book. His characters are dead on. His pacing and reveals are magnificent. This is probably my favorite story he’s ever written, and I love his other stories. Then, you have Garney and Keith on art, and they are amazing. Their layouts and panels make the story feel cinematic and huge in scope. Their character expressions are dead on, and the coloring is outstanding. Even if you’ve never read Fantastic Four before, pick up this book. It is Fantastic.

Flash #9
by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

Wait a minute, are you still not reading the Flash? I put Flash on this list every month. I’ve talked about how Manapul and Buccellato have created a synergy between art and story that is unlike anything in comics. I’ve talked about how they’ve turned me, a Flash hater, into a Flash fanboy. What will it take to get you to read what is one of DC’s best books? Oh, I know, how about awesome gorillas that talk and wield swords and want to eat the Flash’s brain? That’s right, it’s a full on Gorilla Grodd battle. Plus, we get to see the construction of Flash’s new Rogue’s gallery. Oh yeah, also the art is the best art in comics these days, and is probably some of the best art we’ll see for years. So, when you go to your comic store this week, pick up the Flash, and also check out Brian Buccellato’s independent comic Foster. It’s awesome and totally worth it.




Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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