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3 Comics You Can’t Miss! 4/11/12 Advance Comics Reviews

Saga 2Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.



Saga #2
by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

So, Saga is probably the coolest comic in existence right now. It’s smart, funny, and incredibly intriguing. Brian K. Vaughan is crafting an amazing world full of strange alien creatures and awesome fantasy aspects like magic and swordplay. This comic’s true strength lies in how human and approachable even its weirdest creations can be. As awesome as Vaughan’s writing is, you have to give credit to Fiona Staples’ awesome art. Her character designs are great, weird, and alien, yet with incredibly human expressions and posture, that instantly tell you what you need to know about each character. She even gives characters little details like drool or freckles. Listen, I could talk about how much I love Saga all day, but all that really matters is that you go out and buy it, and read it, and love it. Your local comic shop should have Issue 2 by the time you read this, and if they won the Diamond allotment lottery may have even got Issue 1 back in stock. Also, put it on your pull list if you like it, so your store knows to order you one, and there will be less sell-out problems.

Saucer Country #2
by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly

There’s something incredibly intriguing about this book. It’s definitely strange and not your normal comic book, not even your normal horror comic book. What makes it so intriguing is that the characters in it have gone through something terribly traumatic and are most likely going completely insane because of it; however, they firmly believe they are preparing for an alien invasion, and the book gives you just enough to make you want to believe them, too. The characters in this book are what really sell it. They feel incredibly real; they aren’t even very likeable, they’re just very real, very believable, and in really big trouble. Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly are telling an incredible story in this book, and you should really give it a try. It’s very strange, but it’s worth it.

Secret #1
by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim

Yes, this is the weird book with the teeth on the cover, but, c’mon, it’s Jonathan Hickman. He’s insane and somehow channels all that craziness into incredible comics. Secret is a dark, gritty, and violent story about a private security firm.  The comic is told in a series of flashbacks and flashforwards that can be a little confusing, but they do a good job giving you little hints as to when each event took place. It’s hard to talk about the story without giving too much away, but if you like spy movies, or corporate intrigue stories, you’ll love Secret. The art is incredible. This book has a great layout and incredibly detailed pencils. There’s also a very interesting take on coloring in that the book is actually grayscale, but each frame is colored in a single solid color, and I’m sure as the book continues, there will be some sort of code as to when certain colors appear. Buy this book if you want an intriguing, violent spy book. Oh, and yes the teeth on the cover do make sense by the end of the book.



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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