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Axe Cop Volume 3 Advance TPB Review


Axe Cop 3Axe Cop Volume 3 continues the amazing adventures of Axe Cop, the creation of 6-year-old Malachai Nicolle. Yes, that’s right, this is a comic series created by a 6 year old. It’s a wonderful story, actually. Twenty-something-year-old illustrator Ethan Nicolle goes home for the holidays and while playing with his little brother, he decides to start drawing their adventures. Over time, his little brother has developed a whole story about a cop who fights with an axe.  Ethan decides to start drawing these little games out and turning them into a web comic, thus Axe Cop is born, and becomes a huge internet hit.  Now, a few years later, we have 3 volumes of Axe Cop collected in trade paperback.

The question I always hear though is “Is Axe Cop actually good?” The answer is yes, it’s awesome, it’s hilarious. Axe Cop is packed with over-the-top action, strange creatures, and tons of humor. It follows a really cool little kid logic, where it makes perfect sense that a cop who gets sprayed with dinosaur blood becomes a dino cop, and if he later eats the president, he becomes President Dino Cop. Plus, the art in Axe Cop is amazing, and really fits the style and imagination of the writer. 


Volume 3 of Axe Cop collects several of the “Ask Axe Cop” segments from the website, several short stand alone stories, and a long form story that spun out of an “Ask Axe Cop” segment. The long form story introduces Bat Warthog Man and several new heroes that Axe Cop must team up with. This book is a nice addition to an Axe Cop collection, but if you are new to the Axe Cop craze, I highly suggest checking out Volume 1 or Volume 2 first, as you are getting much more complete experiences with those volumes. 

Axe Cop Volume 3 is a steal at 14.99. It is packed with good, lighthearted fun, and a great read for anyone looking to reconnect with their childhood, or just looking for a good laugh.


Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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