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3 Comics You Can’t Miss! 2/29/12 Advance Comic Reviews

Avengers 23Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.

Avengers #23
by Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuna

If you read one Marvel book each month, it should be Avengers. This is Marvel’s flagship title with all their main characters. In this issue they are in deep trouble. As Bendis’ story continues, we find the Avengers being held captive by Norman Osborn and his Hammer terrorists, or are they the good guys? That’s the most amazing aspect of this story. Norman Osborn is simply asking the question, who gave the Avengers the right to be the world’s police force? Finally, a villain actually makes sense. Of course, he’s crazy and trying to kill the heroes, but you can almost see where he’s coming from. Beyond all of the great things Bendis has done with the story, the best part of this book is Daniel Acuna’s art. He always gives the character’s great expressions, and his layouts are very carefully considered with small panels for small moments, and big splashes with a great sense of movement and action. This is going to be a big year for the Avengers, and this book is what you should be reading each month.

Justice League #6
by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

This month we get the final issue of the first story arc of the DC New 52’s flagship book. The New 52, in general, has been very hit-or-miss. There are some amazing books, some bad books, and a lot of decently interesting books. Justice League has had its ups and downs. The first two issues were funny and action packed, but, as the story continued, it got a little silly and seemed to be following a formula from issue to issue. In this final issue, Johns frames the story of the League’s first big fight with Darkseid with a very heartwarming story. Sure, it could be called corny, but it brought a lot of emotion to a story that has mostly been about humor and action. Jim Lee brings his best pencils since the first issue, as he balances quiet emotional moments with his trademark action-packed splash pages. There’s even a nice backup story that gives us a hint of things to come and sets up the next arc.

Star Trek #6
by Mike Johnson and Joe Corroney

IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series is a truly inspired comic concept. Mike Johnson takes original series episodes and shows us how the new crew from the movie timeline would handle them. Even better, each episode is broken up into two issues, one as a setup and one as the climax, so every other issue is the start of a new story and a great jumping on point. I have to admit, I’ve never really been a Trekkie. In fact, the new movie is my favorite Star Trek thing ever made. This series does a great job of mixing the old series and the new movie characters. They have the quirky Sci-Fi stories of the old TV show, but the new crew handles them in their own unique ways. Johnson does a really good job capturing the voice of the movie characters, but also making his stories feel like a unique addition to the Star Trek lore. Even better is the way that Corroney captures the look of the characters but manages to keep them from looking like he just traced the movie screen. Whether you are a long time Star Trek fan, or a new one like me, or even if you just like good comics, you do not want to miss this awesome ongoing series.






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