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Comic Book Reviews for 2/8/12: Three Comics You Don’t Want to Miss

Secret Avengers 22Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.

Secret Avengers #22
By Rick Remender, Gabriel Hardman, and Bettie Breitweiser

The Top Secret team of Avengers is back in action with a new lineup and a new leader. Hawkeye Clint Barton takes over as leader of the team as they go to investigate a new super-powered threat that’s popped up in the Middle East. Remender has a lot of exposition to get through, but he handles it nicely with a fun scene depicting the newest teammate, Captain Britain, being introduced to the team and immediately getting into an argument with Hawkeye. The big question, for everyone on the team, seems to be can Hawkeye really fill Captain America’s shoes. Hardman really brings his A game to the art with amazingly detailed line work and great layouts. His work really shines once the action starts. There is never a wasted frame as he keeps the Avengers in constant motion against their foes.  Secret Avengers is a strong addition to the already impressive Avengers line, and Remender and Hardman have distinguished their book with a unique look and an intriguing premise.

Suicide Squad #6
By Adam Glass and Clayton Henry

Adam Glass continues to impress with the guilty pleasure book of the New 52 lineup, Suicide Squad. Issue 6 finds the squad hunting down one of their ownm as Harley Quinn has gone AWOL to discover the truth about the Joker’s “death.” One of the best things about Suicide Squad so far has been that, as a team of villains, they can really let loose and get violent. There is no lack of bloodshed in this book.  Where this issue really shines, however, is giving us a peek into what makes Harley tick, as we actually get to see how Harley fell for the Joker. In an amazing series of flashbacks, we get to see Harley verbally spar with the Joker and, even though it is terrifying, we get to see just how she could fall for this madman. This is where artist Clayton Henry really shines, as he gives young Harley Quinn an amazing range of emotional expressions and renders the Joker as disturbing as ever. Adam Glass has found a very unique and personal story to tell in this issue, making this one of the DC’s best offerings.

Thief of Thieves
By Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, Shawn Martinbrough, and Felix Serrano

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint brings an exciting new ongoing story about Redmond, a handsome, dangerous thief and Celia, his young apprentice. The story drops us right into the action with a heist gone wrong, then flashes back to show us how this unlikely pair teamed up. Spencer weaves an intriguing tale filled with great dialogue, but the best thing might be in the mystery surrounding Redmond’s motives. There’s definitely more going on here than they want to reveal in this first issue. Martinbrough’s art is strong, with great character detail and facial expressions, but the layout is pretty straightforward. Serrano’s colors really make the art work, as they give the book an unforgettable atmosphere. Thief of Thieves fills a unique niche that has been missing from the comics stands lately, and should prove to be a very interesting ongoing series.



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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