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Womanthology: Heroic Review


WomanthologyWomanthology is many things: an inspiration, a call-to-arms, a beautiful work of art. Womanthology will be a book talked about for years to come, and if the world is a just place, it will be a book that will change the comics industry forever. But, above and beyond everything that Womanthology could become for women in the comic industry, there is one thing very important to know about Womanthology: it is just really damn good. 

I sat down to read the advanced review copy that I had received, and when I saw the 300-plus page count, I thought that I might have to break this up into parts, make this a big week-long project, but then I started reading and I was captivated by the art, the writing, and the women who chose to tell us their stories. Several hours later, I finished this massive and amazing tome, and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. 

If you don’t know the story of Womanthology, the book will tell it to you on its first pages: how a group of female comic creators got together to publish a book for charity, and how it grew beyond even their wildest imaginings. Throughout the book there are little bios at the bottom of the page to tell you about who is creating the amazing stories you’re reading. They also have put in tips throughout the book about breaking into the comics industry, dealing with rejection, and learning from those around you.

The writing here is strong and fluid. The stories are unique and offer a perspective you don’t always get to see in mainstream comics. These women write from their heart, and you can feel their love of their craft in every word. The characters they craft range from strong and defiant like Amanda Deibert’s “The Culper Spy” to kind and compassionate like Kelly Thompson’s “SuperLess Hero,” but, no matter what, they are all “Heroic.” The art is just stunning. There are so many different styles from Cat Stagg’s amazing “Glimmer” which practically jumps off the page to Beatriz Bravo and Dawn Best’s eye-catching work on “Down the Line.” Every time you turn the page, you see an exciting, new piece of art. 

In a book of amazing shorts, I have to call out what I thought was the best story. That honor has to go to “Everwell” from writer Jody Houser and intersplicing panels from artists Fiona Staples and Adrianna Blake. It is beautiful and such an intriguing story. These are all creators that I can only hope we get to see more from in the future.

As a reviewer, I feel that I should always try to stay objective, but with this book I just can’t do it. I don’t just want to tell you that this is good and you should buy it. I want to champion this book; I want all of you to do so, as well. Let your comic shops know about this book. Make DC, Marvel, and Image learn about these creators and hire them. These women are what is missing from modern comics, and when they are hired they are what will make future comics amazing and successful. 

Womanthology is going to be released in mid-March as a huge $50 hardcover that is worth every penny. Even better, the proceeds from the book go to charity. Get out to your local comics shop today and ask them to preorder it for you with Diamond Code NOV110296. Also keep your eyes on the convention and comic shop scene, so that you can get a chance to meet some of these inspiring women at panels and signings.


Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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