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‘Monty’s World #4:’ Comic Book Review

You know what I love about independent comics? They can explore so many ideas that mainstream comics can’t. There is a freedom that indie creators have to really push boundaries and try out new characters, concepts, and motivations that you just don’t see every day in the mainstream comics world.

This is what is so cool about Monty’s World. This series is an anthology, and each issue packs 3 new stories by indie creators. Sometimes, these stories are a continuation from a previous issue, sometimes they are standalone, and sometimes they are brand new. In this issue, we meet a bounty hunter being paid to track down an unlikely target in a dangerous town, we get an old-school superhero tale that feels like something out of the golden age, and we get a more modern superhero story that asks some difficult questions of its hero.

These ideas are fresh, the characters are intriguing, and, in one story, there is a very fresh take on a post-modern Detroit. Monty’s World brings great new ideas and a fresh perspective to the world of comics. This is one series that will definitely make you think and question some of the common tropes and ideas in comics, and give you a whole new outlook on the medium.

Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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