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‘Pathfinder Tales: Pirate’s Honor’ – Book Review

Pathfinder Tales Pirates Honor


Pathfinder Tales Pirates HonorIntrigue, deception, and adventure on the high seas. These are the things promised to readers of Pirate’s Honor, the latest Pathfinder Tales novel. Wonderfully, writer Chris A. Jackson delivers all of this and more in his delightful tale of an honorable pirate trying to pull of the biggest heist of his career. This book is an incredible mix of the standard sword and sorcery fare mixed with the kind of suspense and intrigue you’d expect from a Hollywood heist film like Ocean’s Eleven. What really make it special, though, is that Jackson has also snuck in a love story that simultaneously complicates the story and makes it so much more worthwhile.

I instantly fell in love with Celeste and Torius, which made root for them even more as they became wrapped up in the machinations of the cunning courtesan, Vreva, and the manipulative merchant, Benrahi Ekhan. All of the characters in this book are lively and vibrant, from the short-tempered half-orc, Grogul, to the delightful rogues, Snick and Farfan. The characters were so wonderful, I found myself not wanting the book to end just so I could spend more time with them. Perhaps they will return in another book.

Jackson’s true feat, though, is in crafting a tale that is instantly recognizable as a Pathfinder book to those who are familiar with the game, but that is also completely understandable to the uninitiated. The book makes references to places, items, and even magic from the Pathfinder world, but in ways that are understandable to any reader. Someone new to the world or the game would be able to just read and enjoy the novel without ever feeling lost or like they are missing something. Those who do know the game, though, will have fun guessing characters’ classes and what spells they are using. I was so intrigued that I even took the time to try to build the characters from the book using Pathfinder rules.

This book is a delightful read for fans of Pathfinder or for anyone who just enjoys a well-written fantasy novel. Jackson weaves a wonderful tale of pirates, romance, and adventure that will delight readers and leave them wishing for more.



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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