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‘G.I. Joe #3’ (Duke’s Darkest Day!): Advance Comic Book Review

GI Joe 3


GI Joe 3Wow! I have been loving this new G.I. Joe series so far, and Issue #3 is the best issue yet. Fred Van Lente takes us through a heartbreaking look at Duke’s past as he is forced to relive the best and worst moments of his life while Dr. Mindbender and Baroness try to break him. This is an excellent storytelling technique that not only moves forward the main arc, but also lets us delve into the hero’s backstory and see what makes him tick. Even better, the whole process is overseen by two of Cobra’s most interesting agents. The dialogue between Mindbender and Baroness is perfect and reveals quite a bit about them as well.

The art team of Steve Kurth, Allen Martinez, and Joana LaFuente really nails it, too. This issue has some action which they render excellently, but they really shine in the quiet moments, where they deliver great expressions for the characters, and really drive home the emotional subtext of the scene.  I especially love the subtle expression changes that show off Baroness’ flirtatious nature, or later in the book her frustration for not getting to play with her toys the way she wants to.

We’re halfway through this first story, and the outlook is pretty grim for the Joes. The team is scattered, Duke is in terrible danger, and the Baroness seems to always be one step ahead. I cannot wait for next month’s book!  This is a must-buy series with excellent storytelling, intriguing characters, and amazing art. Make sure you go and pick it up!



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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