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‘G.I. Joe #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review


GI Joe 2This is the G.I. Joe book I’ve been waiting for. This book has it all: Joes kicking butt, witty banter, methodical villains plotting evil schemes, and, of course, tons of explosions. Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth have delivered the perfect combination of action, humor, and drama to make any ordinary Joe happy.  

Starting with last month’s Issue #1, IDW has created an awesome new jumping-on point for new readers. Even better, this new Joe book is overflowing with all the awesomeness you could ever want from a book. Fred Van Lente writes the Joes as incredibly likeable, down-to-earth soldiers with terrible luck stuck behind enemy lines, and his villains are diabolical and believable. In fact, there’s even a speech by the favorite Cobra villain of mine, that will have you almost ready to sign up, it is delivered so perfectly.

Then, we have Steve Kurth on pencils, backed up by inker Allen Martinez and colorist Joana LaFluente. They make this book amazing. The action is just awesome. There is a sequence in this issue where one of my favorite Joes kicks a ton of butt for 4 pages straight, and this art team captures it perfectly. Whether they are drawing intense moments of dialogue or explosive action scenes, there is never a dull frame of art.

Whether you are a G.I. Joe fan or just want an awesome action book, make sure you give G.I. Joe a try.



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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