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‘Professor Frink One-Shot Wonder:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Professor FrinkThe Simpsons is known for its wonderful supporting cast, and in Bongo Comics’ One-Shot Wonders line, readers get to go on adventures with some of the craziest characters in Springfield. This month we get three new stories featuring Springfield’s very own scientist supreme, Professor Frink. There’s even a special 3D story and Frink-O-Matic goggles to ensure maximum reading enjoyment.

These stories perfectly capture the humor of The Simpsons. They are fun, full of great jokes, and really bring the best elements of the show to the comics. After reading so many violent and humorless superhero books each month, reading this hilarious, all-ages book was incredibly refreshing. Professor Frink makes a wonderful protagonist and actually is quite daring and heroic for a laboratory scientist, even if he does stutter and throw in plenty of glavins throughout the issue. Each story is unique and uses a nice blend of the main Simpsons characters, and the supporting cast, all while keeping Frink in the forefront. The best part is seeing the Simpsons do a take on Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

Whether you are a lifelong Simpsons fan, or just want a fun diversion to add to your weekly comic stack, this book delivers an entertaining and highly humorous read. Be sure to pick it up this Wednesday.

Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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