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‘Saga #10:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Saga 10How many comics start with a splash page of a sexy, shirtless man? How many comics can make you laugh hysterically and cry uncontrollably in the same issue? How many comics can make you feel like you are on an adventure with old friends after only 10 issues? I can only think of one, and that is Saga. Hands down, the best comic being produced today!

Brian K. Vaughan has crafted an incredible cast of characters that I instantly have fallen in love with. His dialogue is pitch perfect, finding a balance between awkwardly realistic and heartwarmingly funny. His stories are perfectly paced, where every issue reads like a standalone story yet the sum of these parts equals a fantastic whole. Amazingly, he even makes the crazy sci-fi and fantasy elements feel like they are perfectly in place and totally natural.

Then, you have Fiona Staples’ art. I never thought I would write these words, because Vaughan is such an amazing writer, but Fiona Staples is the breakout star of this book. I cannot imagine anyone else bringing Vaughan’s characters and story to life. From that first image of shirtless Marko with a goofy grin, to the crazy space creature introduced later in the story, her art is just perfect. Everything from her character designs to her facial expressions to her coloring is amazing.

I also have to give high praise to Fonografiks who letter and design the book. We don’t talk about lettering often enough. These guys are real, unsung heroes though. Their choices for the regular lettering and the Hazel narration are truly inspired, and they deserve all the praise they can get.

So, what are you waiting for? GO. BUY. SAGA. Saga is the best comic book being made right now, and it is so easy to pick up the first trade and then 4 issues after that, and be a part of the new epic saga of our time.



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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