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‘Star Wars #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review


SW 2Dark Horse brings out the big guns for its new Star Wars series. Writer Brian Wood, who seems to be writing every top notch book these days, helms the ship. Legendary artist Alex Ross delivers covers that rival even the classic Star Wars movie posters, while artist Carlos D’Anda and colorist Gabe Eltaeb capture the look and feel of the iconic universe. This isn’t just some Star Wars spinoff set in the distant past or far-flung future of the extended universe. This is a story set in between Episodes IV and V. Even better, this is a story featuring Han, Luke, and Leia with real stakes affecting the fledgling Rebellion.

Wood has crafted a masterful tale of intrigue and deception set in the early days of the Rebellion. Delightfully, he has chosen to make Leia his main character, while Luke and Han fill supporting roles. This was an inspired choice by Wood, and he really makes good use of the daring princess of Alderaan. This is a smaller, quieter story than the films. There is no doomsday weapon to destroy. Instead, the plot focuses around the hunt for a new rebel base and the fallout from the previous film. This fallout is where the story really shines. The slower pace allows Wood to explore the deep loss and personal guilt that Leia feels towards the destruction of her home, and in one beautiful scene, we get to view a very personal moment where Leia finally takes some time to mourn.

These quiet character moments are something that we don’t always get to see in sci-fi action stories, and it is wonderful to see this comic explore not just the physical dangers facing the heroes, but the personal challenges that arise when tasked with saving the universe. This book is a wonderful read and is a perfect fit for the Star Wars Universe. If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, you had better not miss it.



Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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