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‘All Crime Comics:’ Comic Book Review


All Crime ComicsAll Crime Comics is the latest beautiful comic from Art of Fiction. As the stunning cover by Bruce Timm suggests, this is a gritty noir book done in the style of old-school crime comics. The interesting twist to this story is that, instead of following a gritty hero like a cop or detective, this book is all about criminals. The story follows Dodger, his hired muscle Marko, and a ragtag group of criminals as they embark on a major heist to get back something that was stolen from them.

The book reads like a wonderful mix of modern crime capers like Ocean’s 11 and classic gangster films like Goodfellas, and the art really brings the whole story to life. The first and third chapters are presented in Ed Laroche’s crisp, clean lines and Tony Fleecs’ moody colors, which are a perfect fit for the story. The second chapter, which is a flashback to our characters’ early days, is reminiscent of an old Archie book and is beautifully rendered by Marc Sandroni and Andrew Siegel.

All Crime Comics is an excellent read and a real steal at $3.95 for 36 pages. You can find it at the Art of Fiction website, along with their other awesome title Dames of the Atomic Age, and tons of other books and art from a great list of comic creators.




Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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