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‘Super Dinosaur #15:’ Comic Book Review


Super Dinosaur 15There’s a full splash page in this comic where a Tyrannosaurus rex, wearing a robotic exoskeleton, charges in and shouts “Today for snack, it’s missiles, and I brought enough for everyone.” End of review. Just go by this comic right now; there is nothing else you need to know. What? You’re still here? Fine, I’ll review the comic, but, honestly, there’s a dinosaur that shoots missiles, how cool is that? Super Dinosaur takes every single daydream that you used to have as a seven-year-old and mashes them together into a funny, heartwarming, and incredibly entertaining comic book. It’s like they found a way to bundle all of the joyful energy of a grade school jungle gym into a monthly comic.

The coolest part about Super Dinosaur is that it’s created by Robert Kirkman. Yes, that Robert Kirkman; the guy who created The Walking Dead and Invincible also writes one of the greatest all-ages comics ever. I wonder if his other books are so gruesome that he has to write Super Dinosaur as some sort of prescribed therapy. Jason Howard brings the story of Derek Dynamo and his saurian friends to life with action-packed pencils and vibrant colors. This book is tons of fun, with equal parts humor and action, but where it really shines is in the quiet moments, when Super Dinosaur meets other dinosaurs like him, or reconnects with his best friend. Kirkman and Howard are capable of delivering heart-wrenching moments where you will believe that a 20-foot tall, genetically-altered dinosaur can have his heart broken. They are just that good.

Super Dinosaur is truly an all-ages comic. It’s great for kids of any age and for the grownups like me who just love seeing dinosaurs wearing rocket packs. Pick it up from Image Comics wherever you get your weekly books, and if your shop doesn’t get “kids’ books,” then make sure they order it for you.




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