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‘Skullkickers #18:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Skullkickers 18Jim Zub’s Skullkickers is an amazing concept. He has created two characters that do everything you are never supposed to do in a fantasy roleplaying game. His characters brutally kill anything in their path, never ask why they’re doing it, and are always terribly drunk while doing it. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that is the way you should play a roleplaying game. Zub has done such a good job establishing his characters that every once in a while, he takes a month off from crafting amazing Skullkickers tales and let’s some of the best talent in the industry play in his crazy fantasy world. This is how we get Tavern Tales.

Tavern Tales gives 6 different creative teams a chance to play around with the Skullkickers. This issue is actually an awesome introduction to the dark humor and over-the-top action you can expect to see in Skullkickers every month. Each creative team provides their own take on the art and the story, while paying respect to what Jim Zub has created thus far, and delivers some hilarious tales. Blair Butler and Enrique Rivera provide an awesome, silent take on the Magic Bag of Holding, while Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore deliver a dragon story unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Even John Layman and Rob Guillory of Chew fame get in on the fun with their twisted look at the dangers of bounty hunting.

Skullkickers #18 is an awesome gateway drug; it captures the violent fun of the main series in a standalone single issue full of interesting and humorous stories. After it gets you hooked, you can check out the trades that collect the first story arcs and make sure to add the next issue to your pull list.




Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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