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‘Debris #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Debris 2Debris is an awesome, new miniseries from Image Comics that follows a young, female warrior on a quest to discover a legendary water source that could save her people. In this post-apocalyptic world, Maya is a protector who fights off strange beasts made of the debris that covers the planet. The people she protects are the last remnants of civilization, and if they don’t find a source of water soon, they’ll all die out. So, Maya ventures beyond the protection of her home into a vast wasteland to seek out a fabled source of fresh water.

Issue 2 opens with an awesome fight scene, cementing Maya’s role as an ultimate butt-kicking warrior. It is so refreshing to see a comic portray a female action hero as smart, strong, and fully clothed. That’s not to say that Maya isn’t without some flaws; she is headstrong and somewhat naive, but that just makes her even more of a well-rounded character, which is something sorely lacking from a lot of comics these days. This fight scene also shows off the awesome style that Rossmo infuses into the series. His action scenes are wonderfully paced, and he plays around with layouts, breaking away from traditional panels to best show the action.

Wiebe and Rossmo are quickly becoming rising stars at Image with their work on this book and Green Wake. I can’t wait to see more from them, and although Debris is planned as a miniseries, it would be cool to see if they found some way to expand it into an ongoing. Maya is just too cool a character, and I’d be sad if there really were only two issues more to spend in this awesome world. Make sure you pick up Debris #2 this week, and, if you haven’t yet, get Issue #1, as well.



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