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‘Geeks vs. Zombies:’ A Theatre Review


Geeks vs. ZombiesGeeks, zombies, N64 games, and, of course, Aquaman. These are just some of the joys to be experienced in the new stage play Geeks vs. Zombies. This hilarious play follows 4 geeky friends who may just be mankind’s last hope after the zombie apocalypse, but before they can save the world, they have to survive each other. Like any good zombie story, the zombies are more the setting, while the real challenges that face our heroes are the difficulties of human relationships, and we all know that relationships are the last thing that geeks excel at.

The relationships are really what make this show tick. These 4 friends have been together forever but have tons of issues they have never had to deal with. Now that the world is ending, all of these issues are brought to the surface, and drama ensues. Of course, amidst all of this wonderful character drama are tons of great nerd references, a lot of humorous moments, and tons of zombie fighting.

The production value of the show is pretty great. The zombies are terrifying and look great even on close inspection, and the action is intense. The funniest moments of the show are when the geeks take on the zombies while shouting out commands that would be expected to be heard in a video game, not a real-life zombie assault.

This show is highly entertaining, well performed by a great cast, and full of awesome geek insights. Geeks vs. Zombies runs at the Ruby Theatre at The Complex in Hollywood from now through September 23rd. Tickets are $20 a piece and well worth it. Whether you are a zombie fan, a geek, or just a lover of heartfelt comedy, don’t miss out on this truly unique theater experience.





Geeks vs. Zombies is rated R for violence and languange, and children under 17 will be admitted only with an adult.  To purchase tickets in advance, please visit



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