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3 Comics You Can’t Miss! 8/15/12 Advance Comic Reviews

Captain Marvel 2Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.

Captain Marvel #2
by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy

Last month, Kelly Sue DeConnick returned Carol Danvers to the spotlight with her new series, Captain Marvel. The book sold out immediately, and everyone was talking about the best new superhero book on the stands. One month later we get to see how DeConnick will handle this book as an ongoing. Issue #1 was a great stand-alone issue, but Issue #2 really gets the story rolling. I have to say, I enjoyed Issue #2 even more than Issue #1. Carol is an awesome character. She’s strong, funny, and she doesn’t really think things through. In fact, her flaws are my favorite part of the book. She screws up a lot and it is okay, it’s even funny. Plus, Dexter Soy’s art is even better in this issue than the last. Make sure you get this issue, and, if you can, try to find Issue #1, as well.

Pathfinder #1
by Jim Zub, Andrew Huerta, and Ross A. Campbell

Pathfinder is the world’s bestselling tabletop role-playing game, and it’s known for its iconic characters and intriguing campaign setting. This month, we get to see writer Jim Zub take those characters and create an awesome, new adventure to put them in. What really makes this book work are the characters. He somehow took these awesome creations that were just a stat block and a few pictures and has crafted really interesting and flawed people out of them. I wasn’t sure about Andrew Huerta’s art when I first saw the preview, but reading this issue, I think his art is perfect for this book. He has a great sense of movement and action from panel to panel, and he really conveys the violence of battle. Plus, he gives the characters really unique facial expressions, which helps show off even more of the strong personalities they’ve crafted for each character. Whether you are a gamer or not, pick up Pathfinder for a fun, violent read, and, hey, that may even make you want to play the game.

Wonder Woman #12
by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

Azzarello and Chiang wrap up their second Wonder Woman arc with this issue. We get to see the big battle for Zeus’ throne. They do a great job of answering questions while planting seeds for future story arcs. Two things make this take on Wonder Woman one of my favorites. The first is that they make Wonder Woman totally awesome. She kicks a ton of butt and is super heroic doing it. The second thing that is so awesome about their story is their re-imaginings of all of the Greek Gods. The pantheon in Wonder Woman is an awesome, dysfunctional family with lots of issues and really terrifying powers. Cliff Chiang has done an awesome job designing all of these new characters and making them all unique and making each new God’s introduction an exciting, visual thrill. Pick up Wonder Woman #12 for an awesome battle and for the seeds of year 2 of this amazing book.






Thank you for reading 3 Comics You Can’t Miss. Sadly, due to some circumstances with my employment, this blog is going to be going on hiatus for a while. I may be starting it up in a little while or I may need to reformat it into something new. Luckily, however, Fanboy Comics and I will still be providing lots of advance reviews to help you figure out what to buy each week. Until I return with more picks, I hope that you keep reading and keep enjoying comics.

Thank you for reading,

Jason Enright


Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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