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Fatale #7: Advance Comic Book Review


Fatale 7Fatale is Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ awesome, new noir-inspired look at secret cults, drugged out actors, and the seedy underbelly of Hollywood. It takes all of the classic elements of old crime stories and mixes them up with a big helping of the supernatural to create a new series that is totally unlike anything else out there. Brubaker utilizes a unique first-person narration that isn’t commonly seen in modern comics to give the reader a look into the mind of his character. As readers, we get to experience the doubts and worries that plague Miles as he unravels this mystery right along with us.

Sean Phillips and Dave Stewart have crafted an awesome look for this book. They use thick lines, heavy shadows, and dark colors that give this book a cinematic quality. In fact, it’s hard to read this comic and not feel like you’re watching a movie. The panels are expertly paced, the dialogue is quick, and the characters are nuanced; this could be a modern film take on the classic genre, but it works perfectly as a comic. Even for an issue that didn’t have much action, the comic still draws you in, making you excited to turn the page to see what happens next.

Fatale is a great read. This issue serves as a good catch-up issue for new readers, but this is a book you should really experience from the beginning. Luckily, Image has already released the first trade paperback, so you can get all caught up. If you like mystery and suspense, pick up Fatale, and see if you can crack the case.


Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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