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Dancer #4: Advance Comic Book Review


Dancer 4Nathan Edmondson writes the best action/thriller comics today. He has killed it with books like The Activity, Who is Jake Ellis?, and Grifter. So, there was no doubt in my mind that Dancer, his latest creation would be just as awesome. Even though I highly enjoy his work, I’ve been especially impressed with Dancer. What makes Nathan’s work especially poignant are the characters he crafts and the relationships he builds for them. Between all the intrigue, violence, and mystery, he manages to fit very realistic human moments in all of his books. Without giving away too much about this series’ unique twist, let’s just say that Dancer has one of the more unique hero/villain relationships and that really shines through in this issue.

Then, you have Nic Klein’s art. This is the perfect look for this series. His art is dark, and gritty, but can also be beautiful and haunting a page later. I absolutely love how he’ll float insert panels showing dialogue or reactions over large splash images. His characters are very expressive and he uses shadows and darkness to full effect, hiding the emotions of characters as needed.

This is a beautiful series and another winner from Edmondson and Image Comics. If you haven’t read Issues #1-3, you may be a little lost, but if you can track down the whole run, then you are in for a real treat. If you like this series, then definitely seek out Edmondson’s other series, most of which are now available as graphic novels. They are all action-packed thrill rides well worth reading.



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