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Harvest #1: Advance Comic Book Review


Harvest 1Harvest is a gritty look at the grimy underworld of blackmarket surgery and organ transplants. A.J. Lieberman spins an interesting tale about a doctor’s fall from grace and the criminals who take him in to make use of his unique skill set. The book is filled with all of the drugs, violence, and language that you expect out of a dark crime book, but with its crisp dialogue and very believable characters, it reaches beyond its genre to be a unique thriller with plenty of intense drama in store for the reader. Colin Lorimer’s art is fantastic. He uses clean lines that give his characters a very realistic feel, and then colors over them with thick, dark colors adding a very film noir feel to the book. This especially makes the color pop when he adds a bloody red to the scene.

Harvest was a great read, and Image seems to have landed upon another great creator-owned property. They continue to find creators who are willing to push the boundaries on what kind of stories can be told in comic form, and this book is one that you could easily see as a movie or a HBO drama show, but works perfectly in comic form. Give Harvest a shot, and it will probably be one you’ll be adding to your pull list.




Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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